Steven Roberts: Folk at The Prince Albert, Brighton

I’ve seen Steve perform a couple times in Brighton, and he’s just so full of freaky folky goodness. It’s always good to hear a genre in its purest form and this is straight up: singer, songwriter, guitar. He played the Cable Club night at the Prince Albert in Brighton this month along with Kate –  a performance with harmonic subtlety, poetic and experimental lyricism and all round dynamic song writing.

You have no reason to trust me yet, but I implore you to listen to EP Downhill from the Start. It’s feel-good thought-provoking cider-sipping foot-tapping folk: unprocessed and untainted. Fortune is tender and calm, with lyrics that elude to epiphanies, transformation and omission,  while A New Dawn is textured and intenseHis melodies remain consistent throughout the mixtape, radiating warmth with their whirrs and buzzes, background crackle, and Steven’s crisp vocal. Looking forward to spring time jams, thanks Steven.

Find Steve here .and keep an eye on The Prince Albert, you’ll most likely find him there.