Francis Anyanjo: Southwest Hip Hop at Electric Palace

I was blown away by this guy the other night. Don’t let ‘Southwest Hip Hop’ deter you… 17 year old rapper from Dorchester who had a flow that I’d kinda liken to Random P or Trellion but over some soulful production and mellow trap beats… He was set to share a stage with Verb T and Jman last year, so he’s no newbie. But consider he’s emerged out of a small town that’s nestled in the depths of the Dorset countryside, and you realise how much of a find he is. It’s hard to listen to this track and not be taken away by him as a lyricist.

He played the first segment of the night at The Electric Palace in Bridport. I hadn’t come across him until now but he had such a chilled distinctive voice, I had to follow up. Definitely a guy to go see in Dorset when he’s here.

He dropped his second musical instalment entitled VYB last Oct, with production from Hulk Hodn, Myke Forte and Pete Rock that is available for free download, and is working on new material this year with Evil Needle. Have a listen and support Francis and local hip hop.