Charlie Jones: Atmospheric Jazz at Electric Palace

Monday evening called for smokey jazz instrumentals, an intimate setting and surreal visuals. Charlie Jones, popularly recognised as bassist to Goldfrapp, Siouxie Sioux and Robert Plant, steps out as solo artist – performing along with quintet in promoting his album ‘Love Form’. His sound was full of exquisitely detailed juxtapositions of scale, shape, texture and colour, heightened by a myriad of images that were projected onto the stage. For me, the first visuals inspired links between Dziga Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera, citing mechanical and industrial processes and alluding to the notion of time. The marriage of sound and visual here worked well in creating narrative in an experimental aesthetic.

Stand out track was Dove Magic, beautiful and serene in texture and style that develops into something rather haunting. This was really taken to new levels with the visual projections that mimicked the organic warmth of the song, with disintegrated images of a child’s swing and rolling hills.

The drone aesthetics and abstract layering of textures translated wonderfully live. It was a soothing performance, one that acted as a reminder that music can create something otherworldly, yet also harness feelings of nostalgia and experience at the same time.