my favourite colour is gold: Carrion Sunflower//artist profile

The Romantic Youth of Jesus is the first album from Carrion Sunflower, an atypical singer-songwriter based in Berlin. This collection of remastered early demos is far from your standard bedroom guitarist fare as he combines disparate influences into an ominous yet fragile atmosphere.

After years spent cutting his teeth on the hardcore circuit, he started recording tracks on garageband having moved to Germany from his native England. Borne out of a desire to express musically how he felt at the time, his songs capture a lonely soul in a dark place struggling for hope in a world that seems alien.

The sparse sound of guitar with layered vocals is supplemented by a foreboding ambience – from his own production to collaborations with close friends such as power electronic artist knifedoutofexistence and the J.R Hayes-esque spoken word of Andrew Wiltshire.

In asking about his influences, he insists that these are primarily non-musical : his environment, and the themes that crop up time and again such as fear, death and hope.

One artist he will cite, however, is Daniel Johnson : “true pain through an impossible love that would never be achieved.” As well as Johnson’s songs of heartbreak, he also appreciates the rough and honest approach by leaving flaws, flat notes and background noises in his recordings: “mistakes are gifts and we should embrace them.”

To my relief these natural elements have been kept in the ‘remastered’ versions of his early work that form ‘The Romantic Youth…’ Each track is given a new richness and clarity while maintaining the raw malaise of the original recordings. From the bleak and hopeless ‘Tend To My Word’ to the profoundly honest ‘Lemonade and Kisses’, this is a raw cut of art that captures the universal struggle for spirituality, companionship and, ultimately, purpose.


Having completed 2 tours performing alongside the likes of knifedoutexistence, VIOFIXX, Svartvit and Dead Wood, and performed live in Berlin only once (supporting ‘apocalyptic folk’ baron King Dude) Carrion Sunflower is very much an artist focused on crafting his sound in private conditions.

The elegant lathe cut LPs reflect the full aesthetic package that he wishes to present. Unsurprisingly the 30 copies pressed by Die Song have already been snapped up however there will be a cassette pressing available soon packaged in a wooden box accompanied by a 1-sided 7” and booklet.

Looking forward he intends to collaborate on more recordings with friends and hopes to find the right people to release his work. However, anyone expecting to catch a glimpse live shouldn’t hold their breath as he’s very much focused on developing a sound to reflect his inner soul.

♣Tom Richardson