Dizraeli & Downlow tour ‘Everyone’s A Winner’

Fresh from the release of the ‘Everyone’s A Winner’ mix tape, their set at the Palace saw a change in the set up I’m used to with Diz. The stage seemed empty at first without the other Gods, but With Downlow on decks and Dizraeli’s lyrical playfulness they were true to form, continuing to push the boundaries of Uk Hip Hop. I’ve always loved the underlying realness and cynicism of Dizraeli’s content, a comical change from a lot of the self indulgent bollocks that people are spitting at the moment. A team that creates truly thought felt music that is innovative, celebratory and theatrical.

So, I managed to ask Dizraeli a few questions about what’s in the pipeline before trailing off.

As a lover of story telling, he spoke of a recent interest in the marriage of densely packed textures and images in the music video, and how it can enhance sensations when listening to a tune. He is working on some new material with the Small Gods for late 2014, but it’s very much in conjunction with his experimentation with visual elements.

On how he intends to implement this fascination with youtube and the music video, he said he wants to explore animation, and is inspired by the recent output of pretty visually innovative videos by the High Focus collective, and the surreal video collages and Escherian elements of artist, Cyriak. If you wanna see more of what’s inspiring Dizraeli and Downlow, check the Godcasts him and Downlow have been dropping monthly.

The mixtape itself, he says, was thrown together very spontaneously, and uses beats from Foreign Beggars, Last Skeptic and Infinite Potential, as well as DownLow’s own production. It’s a collection of beats and lyrics that really celebrate weirdness, realness and innovation in Hip Hop.