Monthly Archive: April, 2014

Graffiti artist CHU designs sleeve for John Sinclair’s new spoken word release

John Sinclair, man of many accolades, releases new album that draws upon work conceived in the 80’s with production from Steve Fly. Mohawk feels personal, reflective and assertive, a long developed and creative… Continue reading

Last chance to donate to Seth Faergolzia’s solo album ‘Doubting Won’t Do’

It’s not often you get someone as well established as this guy who is willing to wing it and rely solely on public donation to press an album: unsurprisingly it hasn’t taken long… Continue reading


kool & the gang//hollywood swinging

RM Hubbert: Glaswegian flamenco, Breaks&Bone

I find, when I’ve had a long journey, I chat a substantial amount of bollocks. I apologise for that. This guy Hubby is an incredible guitarist. Somewhat established in the music industry, he… Continue reading

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