RM Hubbert: Glaswegian flamenco, Breaks&Bone

I find, when I’ve had a long journey, I chat a substantial amount of bollocks. I apologise for that.
This guy Hubby is an incredible guitarist. Somewhat established in the music industry, he has a plethora of material under his belt, and is currently touring his latest album Breaks & Bone. Hubbert performed in the The Electric Palace last week. He spoke quite openly about how he suffers from chronic depression one or two songs in, and that he uses music as a form of ‘therapy’. With no preconceptions about this one, I quickly released that he his highly skilled in the art of classical guitar, embracing every echo and string slide that was picked up by the mic.

He gave a subdued and intimate set with intermittent bursts of Scottish wit. He stunned me with his exquisite guitar playing, made me belly laugh with his, at times, facetious humour, and communicated some ideas that resonated with me long after the gig. In all of his self depreciating comedy, he was really quite inspiring. Bolt is one to enjoy, I won’t comment on this vid though.

I think you’d get so much more from seeing this guy live than listening via youtube or even, dare I say, listening to a digital album. Check his tour dates for April and May, it’s only a tenner.