Last chance to donate to Seth Faergolzia’s solo album ‘Doubting Won’t Do’


It’s not often you get someone as well established as this guy who is willing to wing it and rely solely on public donation to press an album: unsurprisingly it hasn’t taken long to reach the goal. What’s great about this particular projects is that you know he has complete artistic autonomy, resulting in an album that I anticipate to be quite intimate, and some of his most creative material yet. There’s 24 hours left to contribute, $5 gets you the record.

Seth really is the ultimate funky poet, and is the mind behind Dufus, 23 psaegz and Forest Creature. I spoke to Seth about what to expect from his new material. “This album is much more lyrical. The album mostly consists of two different voices I’ve been developing: a quiet one accompanied by acoustic guitar; and a multilayered one on the loop station. It’s some of my best song writing yet, with thoughtful lyrics that are down to earth and relatable”.

To download a digital copy of the album, follow Seth’s kiskstarter here