my favourite colour is gold: Carrion Sunflower//artist profile

The Romantic Youth of Jesus is the first album from Carrion Sunflower, an atypical singer-songwriter based in Berlin. This collection of remastered early demos is far from your standard bedroom guitarist fare as… Continue reading

Charlie Jones: Atmospheric Jazz at Electric Palace

Monday evening called for smokey jazz instrumentals, an intimate setting and surreal visuals. Charlie Jones, popularly recognised as bassist to Goldfrapp, Siouxie Sioux and Robert Plant, steps out as solo artist – performing… Continue reading

Francis Anyanjo: Southwest Hip Hop at Electric Palace

I was blown away by this guy the other night. Don’t let ‘Southwest Hip Hop’ deter you… 17 year old rapper from Dorchester who had a flow that I’d kinda liken to Random… Continue reading

Steven Roberts: Folk at The Prince Albert, Brighton

I’ve seen Steve perform a couple times in Brighton, and he’s just so full of freaky folky goodness. It’s always good to hear a genre in its purest form and this is straight up: singer,… Continue reading

Carthage: experimental punk jams in Jason’s basement

Jason invited me to a jam at his place and small venues don’t get more intimate than this. I was promised ridiculous energy bristling with spite and anger. They sure delivered – sometimes… Continue reading

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